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THE INTERNATIONAL BANK OF IDEAS has existed from 1991 year and accumulated experience in project implementation in our country and abroad. We begin to create an open network of cooperation for joint programs.

The International Bank of Ideas invites you to participate in any of our programs. You may also choose any of 10.000 projects registered in our computer bank of ideas in order to implement it.

The International Bank of Ideas is a public, non-profit organization. It was registered at the Russian Ministry of Justice and founded for the development and implementation of ideas and projects significant to the Russian society. The International Bank of Ideas accepts any idea or project from all spheres of human life - social, political, commercial, technical, scientific, cultural, ecological, and others.

The International Bank of Ideas:
  • creates and runs a computer bank of inventors' and social leaders' ideas and projects;

  • publicizes ideas and projects in in the mass media in order to estimate their actuality and significance;

  • provides an effective usage of new original ideas for all interested organizations;

  • develops and carries out all actual ideas and projects which have been registered in the computer bank and received academic an public support.

The International Bank of ideas together with its foreign partners carries out the following programs:
  • Moscow Business Library - a joint project with the American "The 22nd Century Foundation" (San-Francisco). Representatives of various organizations come here to study business literature and manuals, use the computer data base on laser CD disks, fax and E-mail services to contact with foreign partners.

  • Economic Development Program - The International Bank of Ideas together with the Center for Citizen Initiatives (San-Francisco) recruits and selects English-speaking candidates from small and medium business for a month-long internship in the US. The participants pay airfare and visa processing only.

  • Center of International Foundation - The International Bank of Ideas is setting up Moscow Information Center of International Foundations. One can find there information about charity organizations' activities and orientations all over the world. At the Center one has also an opportunity of presenting his project by using the computer net and of applying for financial support from international organizations.

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You can reach us at:
Tel./fax.: (095) 283-0919
E-mail: acn@aha.ru
Вы можете связаться с нами:
Tel./fax.: (095) 283-0919
E-mail: acn@aha.ru